Rodrigo Daniel Hernández Moresino


CESIMAR-CONICET (National Council for Scientific and Technological Research)
14 Oct 2019 to 17 Jan 2020

Research subject:

Hydrological, bio-optical and ecological observations


Dr Sophie Fielding

Short cv:

I am Biologist from Argentina and currently, I am an Assistant Researcher at CESIMAR-CONICET (National Council for Scientific and Technological Research). At present, I am focused on bottom dynamics of coastal areas, distribution of natural and anthropic variables in surface sediments. My experience includes several studies related to Biological Oceanography, one of them being zooplankton ecology and how oceanographic forces influence zooplankton distribution and structure.

During my Ph.D., I worked with UVR effects on several species of crab larvae and during my postdoctoral research, I worked on zooplankton community structure in a coastal frontal area, using a semi-automatic image analysis program.  

One year ago I started a monitoring program in a fixed sampling station in a dock of my city (Puerto Madryn), in collaboration with colleagues of my Institution. Monitoring consists of samples of plankton (zoo and phytoplankton) and complementary physical data, every two weeks, intending to generate a long-time dataset that provides information to study seasonal and inter-annual patterns, and likely the influences of human-made perturbations and/or climate variability.

Acoustic surveys are a useful set of tools to infer qualitative information about zooplankton. Acoustics can provide invaluable information about the water column that cannot be possible with other methods such as the traditional fishing or plankton nets or by means of optical data. Thus, I believe that this opportunity is an outstanding experience to improve my knowledge related to the study of the abundance and distribution of zooplankton, with the cutting edge technology, and interacting with top qualified professionals in the field.