2023 NF-POGO-GEOMAR Shipboard Training Fellowship onboard WASCAL Floating University

General Information

28 Mar 2023 to 22 Apr 2023

The scientific expedition (PS135/2) is part of the curriculum of the international master programme "Climate Change and Marine Sciences", currently implemented at the Atlantic Technical University of Cabo Verde (UTA) in the framework of the BMBF-funded WASCAL (West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use) programme. The shipboard training will take place during the scientific cruise expected to depart from Mindelo, Cabo Verde, on March 28, 2023. The forecasted end date of the expedition is April 11, 2023 and the port of arrival is Bremerhaven, Germany.

Priority areas

Marine ecological observations

What is offered

The fellow will join the pre-scientific cruise seminar in Mindelo, collaborate with the scientific crew in all sampling activities during the entirety of the cruise and receive eleven days of post-expedition training under supervision at GEOMAR (Kiel, Germany). The trainee will attend a 3-day post-cruise seminar, process and analyse the collected data, interpret the results and assist on the final cruise report preparation.


Who can apply

Applications are closed for this fellowship.

How to apply

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Review process

Applications are closed for this fellowship.